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1.4 million military members are on active duty in the U.S. military. Every 12 minutes, one of them is facing a UCMJ action.

When your career and freedom are on the line, don’t waste any time.

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Military defense lawyers average ONLY 4-5 trials by court-martial per year! Lead prosecutors have done 60 in their careers.

We’ve done more, with a 5X better rate of “not guilty” verdicts compared to the DOD as a whole. We bring the same aggressive advocacy to every investigation.

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Military Law Reviews

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“Jeremy was positive, and the outcome was amazing. He saved my 18.5 years of service and now I can retire. Thank you again!” Matt, Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT
“I recommend Mr. and Mrs. Snyder for any military case. They will fight for you!” Todd, father of Coast Guard client, HONORABLE DISCHARGE
“Jeremy Snyder did an amazing job defending my brother. I would highly recommend him to any military family.” John, brother of Army client, GREAT PLEA DEAL
“Jeremy Snyder was an extreme help during my military legal case. I had full confidence he would go above and beyond.” Danny, Navy client, ALL CHARGES DISMISSED
“Jeremy believed and behaved like I was innocent until proven guilty, which is something to say within the military.” Frank, Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT
“Jeremy Snyder is an amazing attorney…he’s relentless in his pursuit for justice.” Charles, Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT
“Jeremy Snyder gave me reassurance my case would be handled professionally, with precision, and care.” Joshua, Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT
“Jeremy Snyder was a fantastic lawyer who defended me with the utmost dedication and determination.” Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT
“Jeremy saved my husband’s military career! He was so reassuring during the difficult time, and he always went above and beyond.” Adrienne, spouse of Army client, INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITH NO CHARGES
“I was accused of something I did not do. Today I can say I am free from the hands of those who were trying to persecute me.” Shamaro, Army client, WON AT SEPARATION BOARD
“Jeremy fought tooth and nail to get me the best outcome! He found multiple inconsistencies / lies in the investigation and never stopped fighting on my behalf!” Air Force client, INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITH NO CHARGES
“The military today is threatened by misguided reports and false narratives…Jeremy Snyder worked to acquire the entirety of witness statements to make the case.” Sebastian, Army witness, INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITH NO CHARGES, E-9 RESTORED
“Mr. Snyder is a strong negotiator and will aggressively work to get the best outcome. He responds back quickly and with answers.” Nicholas, Air Force client, GREAT PLEA DEAL
“Jeremy was a hound dog during my case. Thank you for being there for me! Not only for my case but for me as a person going through a rough time.” Cody, Army client, INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITH NO CHARGES
“Jeremy was so kind and understanding. He took control of the situation, advocated for my son, and was able to obtain the absolutely best outcome possible.” Aubrey, mother of Coast Guard client, HONORABLE DISCHARGE
“Jeremy was key in reaching the best outcome for my separation board. He was able to adapt and work with my schedule overseas, and I can’t thank him enough!” Robert, Marine Corps client, FAVORABLE DISCHARGE
“Jeremy Snyder forcefully argued my innocence, destroying the credibility of the AFOSI agent on the witness stand. I am still serving on Active Duty and have since promoted. I can’t ever thank him enough!” Patrick, Air Force client, ALL CHARGES DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE
“Thank you for all of the hard work, late nights and weekends. I appreciate you didn’t give up on me or my case, and your last minute gut call.” Adam, Air Force client, NOT GUILTY VERDICT

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Military Investigation

The military is searching for evidence to support an allegation against you. In almost all cases, you are issued a no contact order, removed from your duties, and your career is put on hold for weeks, months, or more than a year.

Our military investigations lawyers can help! Our investigator worked with the federal government and has conducted thousands of interviews. Our military defense lawyers will advise you, collect evidence for you, and preserve your best defense.

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Administrative Action

Commanders dispose of minor allegations with letters of reprimand (called a GOMOR if issued by a General Officer), or nonjudicial punishment (NJP) under Article 15, UCMJ.

These actions have strict timelines and are based on military investigations. Contact our Military Law firm immediately! Our experienced military military administrative actions lawyers will request an extension, interview witnesses, and present your best defense.

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Separation Board or Court-Martial

Serious allegations can bring career-ending and life altering consequences: negative service characterizations, lost retirements, jail time, or even sex offender registration.

When facing an administrative separation or court-martial, you cannot afford to roll the dice with junior military defense lawyers. We know the UCMJ inside and out. Our experienced Military Law firm can chart the path to your best result.

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Finding the best military defense lawyers for your family provides you with confidence in the journey ahead. We understand military justice inside and out, and we work with families to provide the representation your loved one needs.

“Jeremy was so kind and understanding. He took control of the situation, advocated for my son, and was able to obtain the absolutely best outcome possible.”

Aubrey, Mother of Coast Guard client, HONORABLE DISCHARGE

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The Army, Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have courtrooms all over the world. Military Law can appear in all of them.
Our military defense lawyers have represented clients from ranks of E-1 through O-8.

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You Are Our Home Base:

Our Military Defense Lawyers Defend U.S. Military Personnel Assigned And Deployed All Over the World

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