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Administrative Actions Lawyers

Administrative actions include anything the chain of command imposes to address misconduct where there is no court proceeding or board hearing. The stakes may seem lower, but so is the due process. You only get a few days to submit a written rebuttal, so time is of the essence. If you contact our administrative actions lawyers right away, we may be able to get an extension for additional time, and we can collect the evidence needed to support your best defense.

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Administrative Actions Guide

What Are the Types of Administrative Action?

Administrative actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Letter of Counseling / Concern (LOC)
  • Record of Individual Counseling (RIC)
  • Letter of Instruction (LOI)
  • Letter of Admonishment (LOA)
  • Letter of Reprimand (LOR)
  • General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR)
  • Information File (UIF)
  • Referral NCOER / OER / EPR / OPR
  • Negative Fitness Report (FITREP) or Evaluation (EVAL)
  • Administrative Demotion
  • Medical Provider Adverse Privileging Actions
  • Army Qualitative Management Program (QMP)

What Are the Risks in An Administrative Action?

Administrative actions can be career-ending, which makes your rebuttal very important. We may be able to persuade your chain of command to downgrade or dismiss the action. Your response also becomes part of the official record, which may come into play in a later proceeding for administrative separation.

How Can I Defend Myself in An Administrative Action?

If you are facing an administrative action, time is of the essence! Do not wait to speak with an attorney. You can use free, junior military attorneys, but their SOP is to provide you a template and will review your response before you submit it. Many of them will not give much time or attention to preparing a defense in your case.

At Military Law, we take all cases seriously because we know how much your career means to you. Our military defense attorneys are ready to gather the facts and to make the most compelling case possible in your defense.

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Jeremy Snyder

Administrative Actions Attorney, Jeremy Snyder