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We bring the experience you need to defend against any military investigation, board, or court-martial, anywhere in the world.

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Our Practice Areas

  • Sexual Assault Charges​
  • Military Investigation
  • GOMOR Rebuttal
  • Article 15/NJP/Mast​
  • Special Court-Martial​
  • General Court-Martial​
  • Separation Board​
  • Board of Inquiry​
  • Flying Evaluation Board
  • Sexual Assault Charges​
  • Military Investigation
  • GOMOR Rebuttal
  • Article 15/NJP/Mast​
  • Special Court-Martial​
  • General Court-Martial​
  • Separation Board​
  • Board of Inquiry​
  • Flying Evaluation Board

We fight for those who fight for America!

Military Law is 100% devoted to your military defense. We have clients from all service branches, all over the world!

It is your right to speak to outside legal counsel if you are facing a military investigation, board, or court-martial. One phone call could change the outcome of your case and help to preserve your career, military benefits, and reputation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I contacted Mr. Snyder to assist our son with a military legal concern. After advocating for my son, he received an honorable discharge. I recommend Mr. and Mrs. Snyder for any military case. They will fight for you!"

Retired Army aviator. Father of Coast Guard client.

"I was accused of something I did not do. Today I can say I am free from the hands of those who were trying to persecute me. Attorney Jeremy Snyder is the best! He will have your back!" 

Army E-3

"Jeremy was key in reaching the best outcome for my separation board. He was prompt and supportive through the whole process, being able to adapt and work with my schedule overseas, and I can’t thank him enough!"

Marine Corps E-5

"Jeremy Snyder forcefully argued my innocence, destroying the credibility of the AFOSI agent on the witness stand. I am still serving on Active Duty and have since promoted. I can’t ever thank him enough!"

Air Force E-5

"Did a fantastic job with my husband's case! We were very happy with the outcome! Jeremy will always go above and beyond for you. 5/5. Words can’t describe how thankful we are."

Army spouse. Client cleared of allegations.

"My attorney Jeremy Snyder was an extreme help during my military legal case. I had full confidence that he would go above and beyond to get the best possible outcome."

Navy Client

"When I think of what a defense lawyer should be, my thoughts turn to Jeremy Snyder...above all he treated me like a human. During the whole process he believed and behaved like I was innocent until proven guilty, which is something to say within the military culture."

Air Force E-5. Full not guilty verdict.

"Jeremy Snyder is an amazing attorney! His work ethic is unmatched, and he's relentless in his pursuit for justice. Also, his personality is amazing, you will feel very comfortable with Mr. Jeremy Snyder as your attorney!"

Air Force E-4. Multiple accusers. Full not guilty verdict.

"Having Jeremy Snyder lead my defense team gave me reassurance my case would be handled professionally, with precision, and care. His work on my case was superb."

Air Force E-7. Full not guilty verdict.

"Jeremy Snyder was a fantastic lawyer who defended me with the utmost dedication and determination. I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone looking for military defense counsel."

Air Force E-3. Full not guilty verdict.

"Jeremy Snyder did an amazing job defending my brother. I would highly recommend him to any military family in need of legal services.

Brother of Army E-1 court-martial client.

What You Need in a Military Lawyer.

When you are facing legal action by the military, you need lead counsel who are equipped, savvy, and ready to give their all just for you. That is exactly what we provide at Military Law.

Why You Should Choose Military Law.

  • Our military and trial experience far exceeds that of a free JAG lawyer and many firms.
  • We get involved to prepare your defense long before you are charged with a crime.
  • We are never intimidated by rank or position, and we are not afraid to make waves.
  • Your case is not just a job, an assignment, or a stepping-stone. We are career professionals!

How Military Law Gets It Done.

  • Military Law gives you a proven Trial Warrior who has seen and done it all.
    • Prior Senior Prosecutor, Europe's Chief USAF Defense Counsel, O-5 JAG
    • Countless sexual assault/rape (Article 120) cases dismissed or won in trial.
    • No Case is Too Hard: Multiple accusers? Complex fraud? Manslaughter?
    • We meet every challenge, and we go anywhere in the world!
  • Military Law gives you a real, in-house investigator as your case manager.
    • We level the playing field with a resource that others cannot offer.
    • Our investigator is actively engaged in the management of all cases.
    • Real Federal experience, domestic and overseas. Thousands of interviews.
  • As a veteran military family, we are united in our mission—to fight for you.
    • In the military, we lived across the U.S., the Middle East, and Europe.
    • We understand your service and sacrifice because we have been there.
    • You are not just a job to us. We care about you and your best result.

What to Do Next.

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Get answers to your questions and learn the best options to protect yourself and your military career.

Meet Our Team


Jeremy Snyder

Attorney and Owner

Professional Military Trial Attorney

100+ Proceedings Worldwide

12 year Active-Duty Lt Col/O-5 Veteran

Joint-Qualified, has Advised Generals


Sheena Snyder

Case Manager

Real investigator — More than a Paralegal

Countless Leads, Thousands of Interviews

State Department/Overseas Experience

Training Developer, 900-Member Division