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Samantha Tolin Biography

Samantha Tolin joined Military Law in September 2023 and currently serves as the firm’s Client Success Manager. She is responsible for new client intake, onboarding, customer service, and management of a groundbreaking client portal system that she personally implemented for all the firm’s clients.

A Wyoming native and current resident of Texas, Samantha brings vibrant energy and dedication to the Military Law team. Raised in a military household, Samantha’s commitment to supporting her parents’ sacrifice is evident in her role as a caregiver to her four younger siblings while each of her parents have been away on military duty.

Samantha previously worked for the Wyoming State Bar Association, in which she assisted more than 3,000 attorneys in the admission and licensing process, and she served as a liaison between licensed attorneys and the community. This experience, combined with her exposure to her father’s career as a senior military trial attorney in the Air Force, laid the groundwork for her career at Military Law.

Samantha remains resolute in her dedication to supporting military clients and their families, offering unwavering care and attention to their needs. Her goal is to leave a lasting impact on the military community, honoring those who selflessly serve our country and their loved ones, even during life’s most challenging moments.

Proud to be part of Military Law, Samantha values the company’s ethos of caring for military members regardless of their circumstances. She takes pride in being part of a team that exemplifies teamwork, integrity, and compassion, making a serious difference in the lives of those who serve.