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Founding a Values Based Law Firm

January 13, 2023

Was there a need for a new kind of U.S. military law firm?

This is the question we asked ourselves before we founded Military Law in May of 2022. With our prior backgrounds as a senior military trial attorney in the U.S. Air Force and as a special investigator for the Department of State, this was a natural fit for us. But was there a need?

YES! Our U.S. military community deserves better.

Military members need:

  • Qualified help when facing investigations—before action is taken.
  • Relentless, experienced advocacy to get their best results.
  • A modern law firm they can trust, run by people who care.

How do we get there? By building a team like no other.

The best military defense lawyers need an employer who cares about them and who wants to leverage their strengths and their ongoing dedication to military justice and to the military community.

You may not realize this, but the best active duty court-martial lawyers may travel 200 or more days per year. They are in the courtroom week after week while traveling across time zones and countries, and they are required to keep up with the same administrative burdens as other military members. That is a poor working environment to do the best job for clients, and it leads to career burnout.

We founded Military Law to do better. This is not about us. It is about delivering relentless, top-notch advocacy for U.S. service members no matter what they are facing, no matter where they are located. To get there, we are committed to building a values based law firm that attracts and retains the best and brightest professionals joined by a purpose greater than ourselves.